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The Return of Recycle Rani – Rasam Soup ~ Indian Style Soup Recipe

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The picture is a bit hazy….but the flavours of this one are anything but!! they are full bodied!!

For k, rasam is “sick food” to be had when you are really under the weather…..and for me….i can eat rasam and rice practivally every day…..problem is on the rare occasions that I make rasam, it remains in the fridge for a couple of days…..even in the smallest of quantities, I cant seem to finish it…..and my loathing for wasteage is legendary………a couple of things from the pantry and I was slurping on the most surprisingly wonderful soup!!

I don’t think this will be made again only if I have some leftover rasam for the soup…..with some rasam powder on hand, this can be whipped up anytime…..and with the rains coming on full blast here…..this is perfect food for this time of the year…throw in some boiled pasta…or pair it with some crusty bread….and dinner is served!!

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