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Fake Subway Sandwich and a Recipe for Subway Style Whole Wheat Rolls

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Baking with yeast is always an exercise of extreme nerves for me…..and don’t ask me why…I just feel unsettled…..and its not the yeasts fault….i take full responsibility for my cowardice……after bread and some buns….i tried my hand at making rolls, a little larger than the kinds that are used for hot dogs….and a few shaped as dinner rolls……the recipe was a basic brown bread recipe I saw in Goodhousekeeping…… the dinner rolls didn’t keep their shape after the second rise…..but the rolls did…..taste wise they were obviously the same…infact the whole exercise was just so I could make sandwiches, subway style…..

K and I can eat subway sandwiches for most of our meals…..and with all the other greasebowl options for takeaway or dine in around where we live….i was just thankful for the opening of the subway station… much so, that for the first month after opening, we were going there every other day!! I love sandwiches and can live on them…..but k wasn’t very enthu about them…..except for the subs that is….so armed with a few sauces and dressings…I worked my way through….but then I am always worried about the extra salt and oil and other stuff that I and he have no business eating…..

I made what I call “fake mayo” with hung yoghurt, crushed mustard and salt for seasoning…..and used a spicy tomato chutney that was on hand (we’d earlier had this with idlies) instead of loading on the sauces…..the result was a fresh and really fantastic sandwich…..minus the guilt….

The next afternoon, I sliced the bread roll in half and made an open sandwich for my lunch….almost the same way, omitting the yogurt spread(there wasn’t any and I was too lazy to make it again) and adding a few freshly shredded thai basil leaves……this I nuked in the micro for 15 seconds…..

this is off to Aparna, her diverse kitchen is hosting Bread Baking Day (BBD), an event started by Zorra at 1x umrühren bitte, dedicated to getting bread makers together every month……..Bread Baking Day # 12 the theme this month is Small Breads……

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