Gouda and Pizza Sauce Muffins Recipe

Amma is currently with me and as is the usual practice, I try and make something interesting when she is around. Unlike K, she is game to try anything at least once, and is deeply appreciative of my culinary escapades 🙂 A conversation almost always gets triggered from a food memory. This time, while asking … Continue reading Gouda and Pizza Sauce Muffins Recipe

Chili Garlic Sauteed Vegetables ~ Sandwich

This has to be the month of sandwiches for me. After detesting dry bread with cucumber and tomato slices, I have become a sandwich fiend with a vengeance. There is nothing better than a good sandwich made with fresh bread. Generally I do not like the bread to be slathered on with either butter or … Continue reading Chili Garlic Sauteed Vegetables ~ Sandwich

Tandoori Aloo Grilled Sandwich Recipe

I was going through the motions of getting through a random day. It is getting hot in Hyderabad and my energy levels are surely going to hit severely low notes soon. I had a deadline to meet and that involved shopping for ingredients, making 3 recipes, taking pictures, writing out the recipes and sending them to … Continue reading Tandoori Aloo Grilled Sandwich Recipe

{Vegan MoFo 2013} ~ Semia/ Vermicelli Pulav Recipe

I am attempting something very brave this month, cooking and posting Vegan recipes all this month for the Vegan Month of Food where bloggers around the world will post vegan recipes all this month. Wish me luck dear readers as I do not fare very well with rules and schedules. the only other time I … Continue reading {Vegan MoFo 2013} ~ Semia/ Vermicelli Pulav Recipe

Celebrate the Monsoons ~ Fresh Corn Papdi Chaat

The arrival of the monsoons, my favourite time of the year, sees cart loads of fresh corn being sold all over the city where I live. The easiest and most tempting way to eat it is freshly roasted and slightly charred over hot coal, rubbed down with red chilli powder, salt and lemon. Most people … Continue reading Celebrate the Monsoons ~ Fresh Corn Papdi Chaat

Festive Fare ~ Diwali Recipes ~ Namak Paare

Diwali is around the corner and I always watch many beautiful recipes being posted all across blogs for festive cooking. Alas I always stand by and just watch. Going by my last track record, I mostly post after the festivals are over! To remedy that, who would have thought that this daily blogging for NaBloPoMo … Continue reading Festive Fare ~ Diwali Recipes ~ Namak Paare