Gouda and Pizza Sauce Muffins Recipe

Amma is currently with me and as is the usual practice, I try and make something interesting when she is around. Unlike K, she is game to try anything at least once, and is deeply appreciative of my culinary escapades 🙂 A conversation almost always gets triggered from a food memory. This time, while asking … Continue reading Gouda and Pizza Sauce Muffins Recipe

Chili Garlic Sauteed Vegetables ~ Sandwich

This has to be the month of sandwiches for me. After detesting dry bread with cucumber and tomato slices, I have become a sandwich fiend with a vengeance. There is nothing better than a good sandwich made with fresh bread. Generally I do not like the bread to be slathered on with either butter or … Continue reading Chili Garlic Sauteed Vegetables ~ Sandwich

Tandoori Aloo Grilled Sandwich Recipe

I was going through the motions of getting through a random day. It is getting hot in Hyderabad and my energy levels are surely going to hit severely low notes soon. I had a deadline to meet and that involved shopping for ingredients, making 3 recipes, taking pictures, writing out the recipes and sending them to … Continue reading Tandoori Aloo Grilled Sandwich Recipe