i’m feeling blue………

i am swamped….with work… a writing assignment i took on with a deadline looming right over my head and with feeling a little under the weather….K and i have notoriously low resistance and a little change in weather brings on the sniffles that last a few days…..so he got it first and now i have it….it’ll take a couple more days for me to feel fit…in the meantime, cooking has been very functional…not inspiring enough for pictures and a post…i’m looking forward to my first blogging event though…and hope to participate….now to just finish this assignment on time……meanwhile i have done only two things of importance…added my favourite blogs to a blogroll….and watched Sivaji!! there are compensations in life afterall!!


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  1. santhi says:

    yeah..can fully empathise with you, since i guess i have more days feeling this way in a week than otherwise :-)…take care

  2. Coffee says:

    Thats perfectly all right!! 🙂 There are days when we feel blue and days when we feel absolutely bright red and ready to plunge into whatever comes our way. 🙂 So that will happen soon too…….

  3. revathi says:

    hmm feel well soon. Did you like sivaji.. I watched here in Bay area had lots of fun people yelling whistline… story line was zoozobee though..

  4. bee says:

    chai with chilli – that will perk you up.

  5. Lata says:

    I know some days (rather weeks) end up like that, I completely agree with you, please come back when you have time.

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