Deccan Chronicle uses images without permission……. post updated with the reprinted picture and response from DC editor

DC dutifully reprinted the picture. Not quite acknowledging they “used” it without permission, but a picture with my name credited. here it is….

dcpicturehere’s what happened………….

hara bhara kabab

I’d been reading about images and content being used in print media without permission, taken from blogs, online resources and especially pictures taken from online photo sharing sites. at Diwali i noticed pictures from two fellow bloggers being used in the Times of India supplement, i intimated the bloggers and they will take whatever action they deem fit. This morning, I was quite shocked to see one of my pictures being used in the TV guide supplement of Deccan Chronicle in a recipe for Hara Bhara kabab, taken from my flickr stream.


While I am quite flattered that one of the largest circulated english dailies in India thought my picture was worthy enough to print, i am absolutely shocked that they do this without any attempt to seek permission to use the image, compensate and credit the owner of the picture.

I wonder if the editors even know of this practice, or are actually endorsing it. I’ve written to A T Jayanti who is the editor of DC in hyderabad. Am awaiting her response.

there is a blogpost by Twilight fairy that talks of how she dealt with her pictures being published without permission. the issue has since been solved, thanks to her following up of the matter.

Update: the editor of DC was quick to respond. Jayanti wrote back with thanks of bringing this matter to her notice, saying there was no explanation for having used the picture and the “young team” knows it is plagiarism and they know its unethical (pray then, if they know it is, why do they do it?). Also with her sincere apologies, has promised to republish the picture in the next edition of TV Guide with credit given to me.

Everyone said this was normal for newspapers to take pictures off the internet and use them and that i shouldn’t make much of it, and just let it be. I am glad for the fact that I didnt. The question in my mind is this, is an apology enough? Plus lets just see if they keep their word and actually republish the picture with credit to me….


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  1. funnystuff says:

    I’m new here!
    I love this blog. It was interesting to read.
    I am curious why I didn’t know about this blog before.
    Sharing is a virtue, and more people should see this blog.
    I will try to share. Some of my friends will like it.

    Cheers and keep’em coming!

    1. arundati says:

      thank you very much!

  2. arundati says:

    thank you all, for the support. I’ve updated the post with the response from the editor…

  3. Raaga says:

    We’re with you… I hope you get a response soon.

  4. Joe Zachs says:

    Oh yes, they have used my picture from Flickr in Times of India.
    When asked, they pretend ignorance and try to sweet talk you into “forgetting it”

  5. anita says:

    oh gosh, it’s good you wrote to them but the damage is already done. hope they respond. they have no business “flicking” photos – i don’t know they think they can get away it!

  6. Happy Cook says:

    Let us know what the editor as siad about the pic they using without the permison.

  7. Priya says:

    Very Shocking..hope they will reply u soon..

  8. Maneesha says:

    Hey Arundati- this is really shocking and appalling! Wonder if the scribe who did this knew that she/he was actually putting the reputation of her newspaper at stake.
    I hope they apologize and give you due credit for the picture.

  9. Srivalli says:

    Aru, that is really horrible..I can understand how it must feel…hope you get a reply.

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