Crisp Breaded Pan Fried Brinjal Recipe

While i wondered about what to put in the title of the post…..baingan fry came to my mind, but it was too  unbecoming of this dish…..and pretentious though it sounds, i am glad i settled on something else!!

Poor baingan for bharta was sitting in the fridge, sad and looking for something to be a part of……a couple of times, it came out, hopeful of not being sent back to chill in the vegetable tray, but alas…..then comes a time when both are so desperate that anything will do….and I think that’s when the most unexpectedly surprising things happen……

I remember my mother making something like what this turned out to be….but brinjal not exactly being my favourite vegetable in childhood and fuzzy memories both meant that the final dance was my own……slices of brinjal, in a marinade and then tava fried to brown crisp delight…..its insane sometimes what cooking can do to you…… the result is golden fried crispness within which there is a buttery softness of the brinjal, with the mildness of the spices which married in the marinade……great as a starter, or as accompaniment with rotis or rice…..i love things which can multitask…..the best part, it takes less than 15 minutes from slicing to savouring….. J

Crisp breaded and pan fried brinjal

Ingredients (to serve 2)

10 slices of brinjal – the large variety, sliced about ½ cm thick

3 T chickpea flour

Salt to taste

½ t red chilli powder

½ t ginger garlic paste

2 T oil

5 T bread crumbs

In a shallow bowl, mix the chickpea flour with the red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste and salt to a medium batter with about 3 T of water. The batter should be thick enough to coat the slices of brinjal evenly.

Coat the slices of brinjal with this marinade and set aside for about 10 minutes.

Heat the one tablespoon of oil on a skillet (I used non stick) and spread it a bit. When hot, coat each slice of the marinated brinjal with bread crumbs evenly and fry on medium heat on both sides till golden brown outside and cooked through (about 2 minutes). Drizzle a few drops of oil if required. Repeat till all the slices are cooked. Serve hot while crisp. Garnish is totally cosmetic.

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Swapna says:

    Am back with some interesting recipes…and a few stunning photos of Kerala

  2. Miri says:

    Looks yummy – very interesting recipe!

  3. mandira says:

    wow, this looks fabulous, really crisp thin slices… yummy.

  4. Swapna says:

    Hi Anu, I have made it minus the ginger garlic paste, coated with Rava… will try this one soon since Din Loves brinjals…

    where the hell did you disappear?? miss you around here!!

  5. sharmi says:

    Hi Arundati,
    Thanks for dropping by with your lovely wishes.
    Take care

    it made it a double dose of pleasure to see what you had in store!!

  6. anjum says:

    first time at ur blog.,nice recipe i never ever thought of frying brinjalss…its lovely..

    thanks for stopping by anjum.

  7. Jude says:

    Yum. The chickpea flour must give the eggplants a nice accent. Sounds like a great combination fried.

    hi jude….do try it out….it doesn’t disappoint

  8. Aparna says:

    They do a rawa coated version here in Goa with potatoes which is invariably served with vegetarian thalis!
    Your baingan looks pretty good, crispy as well. I like baingan in most things.:0

    i’m going to try rawa coated next time….i think it will be crisper than crumbs…

  9. Jyothsna says:

    I’ve seen brinjal fried as such on the tava and then sprinkled with masala and boy, that does taste good!

    not to mention….this is super quick too!!

  10. kittie says:

    I only recently discovered that brinjal is the same as the English aubergine – all this time I thought it was a kind of veg that I couldn’t get in the UK!

    This is a lovely way to prepare it!

    thanks kittie!! didnt think of brinjals as aubergines!! it sounds way too sophisticated!! 😉

  11. Karishma says:

    Brinjals are a fav veg of mine, but I usually just coat them in a chilli powder-haldi-salt mixture and shallow fry…This recipe is quite different and will be trying it out soon! Thanks!

    hey!! kary!! you’re making a habit of disappearing!! try it and let me know how you liked it!!

  12. Jayashree says:

    I love brinjals. This sounds like a lovely way to cook ’em.


  13. Priya says:

    I don’t like eggplants, but on my last trip to the grocery store they had a pile of fresh, organic eggplants and I could not resist myself from picking one up. I’ll try your recipe with it.

  14. rachel says:

    I have only had bharta…the fry with bread crumbs sounds tempting…

  15. Priti says:

    Looking yummy…never added besan for making this type of baigan fry..normally we just use salt, chilli and turmeric powder..this is looking gud..bookmarked for time trial 🙂

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